beer hops

Types of Beer Hops

Beer is beer because of the hops. Hops are the single most important ingredient for beer and there are several varieties each able to produce their own aromas and flavors. Below we list some of the most popular types of beer hopes and details about each one. AMARILLO HOPS The …

kegs of beer

Let’s Tap a Keg

We recommend buying a keg of beer for larger gatherings. You’ll spend less money on beer and a keg is easier to clean up after than all the empty bottles and cans of beer. However, a keg can be a waste of money if you tap it poorly. You can …

beer bottles

Green vs. Brown Beer Bottles

Your local liquor store features three types of beer bottles. There are clear beer bottles, brown beer bottles and green beer bottles. The two most common types of beer bottles use either brown glass or green glass. What is the difference between green and brown beer bottles? The truth it, …


The Art of Pouring Beer

How you pour a beer can impact the aroma and the flavor. This applies to pouring a beer from a bottle or can or from a bar tap. There is a proper technique that ensures the optimal flavor. Read the instructions below: #1. 45 DEGREES You should hold the glass …


Cheers! We’re A.R. Beer Club

You’ve found A.R. Beer Club! Your online source for all things beer. Our posts cover styles and flavors of beer, AVB, bottles, taps, kegs, home brewing and more! If it involves beer, we will write about it cause we think we’re smart about it. You can be smart about beer …