The Art of Pouring Beer


How you pour a beer can impact the aroma and the flavor. This applies to pouring a beer from a bottle or can or from a bar tap. There is a proper technique that ensures the optimal flavor. Read the instructions below:

#1. 45 DEGREES

You should hold the glass at a 45-degree angle. Don’t stand the glass straight up on a bar, table or countertop and pour the beer into it. That type of pour will create far too much foam at the head of the beer and ruin the flavor. A slight tilt is perfect for pouring beer.


Pour the beer and aim for the mid-point of the tilted glass. If you pour too close to the bottom it could lead to foam and too close to the top could lead to spills. You need to pour at a steady pace too. If you pour too slow, it won’t product any foam head which will reduce the flavor and aroma. You are trying for the perfect amount of foam.


You should tilt the glass to an upright position about halfway through the pour. This adjustment will produce the correct amount of foam and head near the top of the glass.


Top off the pour with about ½-inch of head. You don’t want more than 1 ½-in. of head on the beer or it will be too much. The perfect amount is the height of your pointer finger and index finger together.

If there is no head in the glass, it means that you poured the beer to slow. If there is too much head in the glass, it means that you poured the beer too fast or at an incorrect angle.

Don’t dump out the beer if you don’t complete the perfect pour. After all, beer is still beer and you don’t want to waste it. Just adjust your pour speed or angle during your next attempt to account for the correct amount of head.


Now it is time to enjoy! You might not notice much difference in flavor or aroma with a standard American lager or pilsner, but for a good craft beer or import, you should experience much more flavor with the perfect pour.

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