Let’s Clean Up Beer Spills!

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Let’s face it. Our motor skills and balance aren’t always at the top of their game when we are drinking a beer or two (or three) and sometimes spills and accidents happen.

If a spill happens outside or on old and dingy clothing, maybe it’s not a big deal, but more often than not, a beer spill occurs somewhere where you need to remove the stain.

Here are some tips on how to clean up beer spills on various surfaces:


Probably the most common place for a beer spill to occur is on clothing since odds are you are wearing clothing when you are drinking a beer.

The first thing to try is to dab the stain with a cloth rinsed in lukewarm water. Don’t scrub the spot with the cloth since this can cause discoloration of the fabric or will lead to rubbing the stain further into the fabric fibers.

If plain water doesn’t do the trick, you can try club soda. Club soda is good for removing fabric stains from clothing because the bubbles are powerful enough to lift the beer and other liquids off of the fabric and onto the cloth.

If neither of these methods work, you should put the clothing into a washing machine when you return home and attempt to remove the stain through your standard laundry process or take the clothing to a dry cleaner.


Beer spills occur on upholstered furniture all the time and can be difficult to remove. You can try lukewarm water similar to clothing and club soda too but often times it is harder to use these methods on furniture.

Furniture is much more expensive than clothing so you need to be careful about DIY stain removal methods. We don’t recommend using store-bought cleaners and chemicals since sometimes those can lead to even larger problems.

Instead, you should hire an upholstery cleaning service to use their equipment and training to identify the proper method for removing the beer from the furniture.


You should be careful when you drink beer standing over a carpet or a rug. Both carpets and rugs tend to be very expensive and easy to stain. A beer spill could cause permanent damage to the carpet or the rug.

You should first try the warm water on the carpet or rug and then try the club soda too but if neither method works we would then recommend hiring a carpet cleaning company to remove the beer spill.

You can often find one service near you able to clean carpet, rugs and upholstery. In Portland, OR, Hello Carpets & Floors is one such service. Their technicians are trained in upholstery, carpet and area rug cleaning.

The good news with beer spills and beer stains is that beer is largely water and water is a pretty easy liquid stain to remove but there is also a lot of sugar in beer too. Depending on the amount of sugar in the beer or the type of fabric, the stain will be much more difficult to remove.

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