Types of Beer Hops

beer hops

Beer is beer because of the hops. Hops are the single most important ingredient for beer and there are several varieties each able to produce their own aromas and flavors. Below we list some of the most popular types of beer hopes and details about each one.


The Amarillo hops are often used for ales and IPA beer. The hop offers an aroma that is both citrusy and flowery. An Amarillo hop is not extremely bitter and the average acid range alpha for Amarillo hops is between 7-11%.


There is a hint of grapefruit in cascade hops as well as the signature citrus and flowery aroma of hops used for IPA and pale ale beers. There is also a touch of spiciness too. The cascade is one of the “Three Cs” of hops that also includes centennial and Columbus hops.


The centennial hop has an intense citrus aroma and is common in IPA and ales. Centennial hops have a high average acid range alpha around 9.5-11.5% and are found in sipping beers opposed to lagers or pilsners.


A chinook hop is a little spicy and extremely piney. It is one of the most bitter hops on the list and the average acid range alpha is around 12-14%. You will find chinook hops across several styles of beer, including lagers and pale ales.


The Citra hop is a relatively new breed of hop from 2007. This hop produces extreme fruity and tropical flavors in beer.


Crystal beer hops are commonly found in German style beers. You will find the hop in ESB, Belgian ales, Kolsch and German pilsners.The acid range alpha for this hop is around 3.5-6%.


You can find mosaic hops in brown ales, IPA and pale ales. The hop produces tropical fruit aromas as well as blueberry and tangerine. You will also find beers with mosaic hops that produce earthy flavors.


This is one of the more popular craft beer hops in 2017 and it offers several characteristics. The hop produces citrus, piney, earthy and passion fruit flavors and has potent bittering abilities for use in home brewing. You’ll find the hop in red ales, pale ales and IPA.

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